Start of New Season

Harrison Park---Liga Azteca De Basketball LLC has been around for 42 years. The ritual of Sunday basketball is typical but still captivating for the players, fans and also everyone else that has role in the league. This past Sunday marked the start of a new season. Excitement (like usual) made anticipation of the season salivating. There were plenty of games that were pretty exciting but no more exciting than the Showtime versus Jumpman game. This was the game of the day!

The Showtime versus Jumpman matchup kicked off with transitional buckets for both teams. Very active defensive pressure led to loose balls that turned into turnovers for both teams. However, Jumpman were all over the boards, but the first half remained a tight and low scoring affair, which knotted things at 16-16 at halftime.

The second half was reminiscent to the first but just additional scoring and little less defense. Showtime went on a 11-3 run to start the provide some cushion. However, Jumpman wouldn't go away...making a run of their own to trim down the deficit to three...28-31. To stop the bleeding, Showtime came through with three clutch threes and free throws to seal things for them in a 48-45 win.

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