The Hearts of Champions

COLLINS ACADEMY---The delivering of Liga Azteca Basketball on a typical Sunday is what we all are normally accustomed to throughout the regular season. The taste, touch, smell, sight and sound of basketball we can’t get enough of! The anticipation of it dwells on our minds as we salivate to the thought of it. However, that’s just the regular season. Can you imagine the playoffs?! Well, let's take a look into that. Championship Sunday was highly anticipated! You just knew this day would be filled with every emotion it throws at you and that’s exactly what it did! The day was filled with a plethora of super competitive games. It was “win or go home” type of mentality! Of the games, there were two that stood out….Spartans vs. Force and Rio Balsas vs. Young Gunz.

Spartans vs. Force was a good matchup! The Spartans went on a 10-0 run to get things started. They displayed good ball movement and execution of simple plays. And their pressure defense prevented any success that the Force were looking for. However, the Force did enjoy a little success with a 8-0 run to bring the contest within 5...23-28. They turned up the heat defensively. From that shift of momentum, the Force go into halftime down 25-30. Spartans went on 7-0 run to push lead up to 9...28-37. And then Force responded with a mini 5-0 run to trim deficit to 4...40-44. However, the Spartans went on another run...10-4 run to push their lead to 13...45-58. And to seal the win, they closed the door on any comebacks with two clutch threes and icing the rest of the game at the free throw line to the sweet tune of a 58-48 victory.

Rio Balsas vs. Young Gunz was another anticipated matchup to look forward to! To start things o