"May" Madness!

COLLINS ACADEMY-For all basketball fans…have you ever watched college basketball (NCAA)...especially March Madness…where one winner takes it all? Well, that’s a similar fashion in the “May Madness” of Liga Azteca de Basketball. However, the only difference is multiple winner takes it all…a championship…from each division. This past Sunday, the second day of the playoffs kicked off with some exciting matchups.

The first exciting matchup was between Rio Balsas versus Eagles. Early on, Rio dominated on offense, getting a well-balanced effort offensively as well as defensively as they were playing hard on both sides of the ball. However, the Eagles made a crazy run to get back into the thick of things…trimming the deficit to 2…ending the 1st half down 34-31. The 2nd half started with back and forth action! The Eagles decided to put an end to this…making another run to take a 5-point lead…41-36. The Eagles also begin to rain threes and open the lead more…up to 15…62-47. And sustained their lead…winning it 68-49 to move onto the next round.

Another good matchup, Bandits versus Diesels! Right out of the gate, both teams struggle offensively early on, with the Bandits leading at the half, 20-12. Things picked up more, with the Bandits extending their lead to 11.And from there, both teams trading baskets. Then the Diesels made a run to cut down their deficit to 4. However, the Bandits pushed their lead back up, but up to 13. They sustained that lead and were too much for the Diesels down the stretch…ending a hard fought battle with a 52-40 victory to cruise into the next round.