The Birth of Change

COLLINS ACADEMY---On Sunday, like every Sunday, the hectic schedule of basketball fills the day with plenty of excitement…plenty of basketball to watch. And this has been the norm for 42 years and counting. However, this day, everyone was waiting for something new, something that will add onto the excitement that already exist within the league. Change was on its way. Patience yearn to keep you honest until its arrival. Due date approaching…rushed to the basketball court! The birth of change! Born on March 13, 2016, at 3:45 pm at Collins Academy’s gym. Liga Azteca’s Women Basketball was bought into the world. Excitement and anticipation filled the air, while, on the other hand, mystery lingered…wondering what it was. The female players were also mystified about the league…also not knowing what it was. And to clear up the air…the beginning of a new era tipped off…the first women basketball game in the league was on its way! The game kicked off with an up-tempo pace…both teams (black and white) trying to figure their teammates out as well as their opponents. They were also trying to get accustomed to rules and play with misdirection of passes, some backcourt calls, untimely dribbles and other things that occurred in the first half, which lead to a 12-10 halftime lead for black over white. However, the second half was better…chemistry was meshing more, ball movement was crisp and overall play was better. It remained a tight one throughout and ended with a 26-24 victory for the black team! This is just the beginning! More to come!

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