Liga Azteca Women's Basketball League

For the last three decades, women basketball has grown in more ways than you have imagined. It has not reached the heights of men basketball, but it’s getting there. Basketball is idolized in various places, including Chicago, one of its biggest markets. Chicago has produced great basketball talent over the years, both male and female. However, for those who are looking to play basketball just for fun, find themselves in basketball leagues all throughout Chicago. And Liga Azteca is one of them. For 42 years, Liga has dedicated themselves to only providing a men basketball league. Liga Azteca wants to do things differently...something never thought of. We are now expanding… introducing a women basketball league! We are already ahead of the curve! Liga Azteca also has more goals in store…future goals…possibly expanding even further and bringing in a kid’s basketball league! On the other hand, if any ladies love to play basketball, register for Liga Azteca’s women basketball league. For more information, call us at (773) 844-6919 or email us at

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