COLLINS ACADEMY---Another Sunday full of madness! The craze was real! Plenty of the games went all the way to the wire! And I mean “ALL. THE. WAY!” The collision of bodies were in attempt to chase down loose balls and super intense defensive efforts that wouldn’t give an inch to each other! To make things even more interesting…offense was about…well…WHO wanted it more…which team were able to find more buckets than the other in the heat of the moment(s) to help define the game(s) for their team(s). However, of all of those games, two of them stood out…Rebelz vs. Bandits and Windy City vs. Rio Balsas.

Lets get started with the matchup between the Rebelz vs. Bandits! Bandits begin game taking advantage of transitional buckets early on. However, the game would be a tight one…back and forward action! Rebelz would make a run to close the gap…13-10. And then another run…a 6-0 one to take the lead at 16-13. Both teams would grind their way to a tight one at halftime…Bandits, 27; Rebelz, 24. The Bandits would kicked off the second half with an alley oop. Later on, Rebelz would go on a 12-0 run to lead 40-32 to open things up for them. Their relentless defense and intense communication was crucial in their run! In the clutch, The Bandits hit two threes (including an And-1 play) to complete their comeback and winning it, 51-49.

Another great game on our hands…Windy City vs. Rio Balsas! Things were feisty early on between the teams from tip-off. Both teams, from the start, showed resiliency…both offensively and defensively! Windy City was hot from three-point land early on, but found themselves catching up…making a run to close their deficit within 3…27-24. Windy City still found themselves down at the half…Rio Balsas, 35; Windy City, 31. In the second half, Rio Balsas opened their lead even more…with sharp defense and mixing their offense up with inside-out play. And also, in route of opening up their lead, they controlled the boards. Then Windy City answered the bell…making a run of their own…to bring things close at 60-56. However, Rio Balsas iced the game at the line…resulting in a 65-59 victory.

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