COLLINS ACADEMY---Any other Sunday would have been a regular game day. However, this Sunday was not the case. Close knit games with plenty of intensity…fighting for every inch until victory declared had fans on the edge of their seats to the very end! In the mist of the basketball craze, there were two games that truly stood out…Heavy Duty vs. Punishment Juniors and L.S. Ballers vs. Young Punishers.

Heavy Duty vs. Punishment Juniors was a really good one! Slow pace to start the game along with both teams grinding things out defensively. Punishment Juniors took advantage of their second chance rebounds to gain the offensive edge going into halftime. In the second half, Punishment Juniors were all about pressure defense…forcing turnovers. In reward of their defense, they made Heavy Duty pay the price by raining three-pointers! And they ended the game with offensive rebounding…helping them to ice the game.

L.S Ballers vs. Young Punishment was a thriller! The game of the day! Both teams were hot from three-point land earlier on! And this was also a very defensive game…with plenty of turnovers from both ends! L.S. Ballers went on a 9-0 run to create separation. However, the Young Punishment closed the deficit with a run of their own…tying the game. The game was tight throughout and went into OT. Both teams traded buckets and never relinquished the lead…missed free throws were a potential game winner for Young Punishment…forcing 2OT. No points scored in 2OT…forcing 3OT. Young Punishment ended the game with a wide open layup to end things…41-39.