HOMAN SQUARE---Sunday, February 14th, Valentine’s Day! Such a sweet day! At least that’s what the day is about! Right?! However, none of that meant anything on the basketball court for Liga Azteca Basketball. A variety of games with different outcomes…some close, some blowouts and some very tight ones (including two buzzer beaters in one game). So, let’s get an insight into some of Sunday’s games!

A highly anticipated matchup between Temax and Windy City in the making. Fast pace tempo to start things off for both teams. Windy City was hot from three-point land while Temax mainly relied on their inside presence early on. However, Temax fully took advantage of their running game as well as their half-court game, and continued to do so all throughout the second half along with their stifling defense, which lead to plenty of turnovers for Windy City. Temax wore Windy City down with their depth, but surmounting fatigue, Windy City kept themselves within distance with a flurry of threes, but not enough to overcome their deficit. And Temax proved too much for the short-handed Windy City.

Speaking of deficit, the matchup between Lakers and Jessie was over with from the beginning. Lakers had early success from the three-point line. Jessie had minute success in the paint, but turnovers were their enemy. And Lakers made them pay by making frequent trips to the line, playing hectic defense and converting turnovers into fast break buckets. The Lakers easily cruised to victory!

Who knew this game was going to reach for the hills! Midway versus Stallions matchup was an unknowing tale! The Stallions got off to a hot start with a 9-2 run. Just when it seemed like they were going to run away with the game, Midway put the pedal to the medal and made defensive stops to bring things back down to earth. And they capitalized on their defense by making consecutive buckets…three straight three-pointers at one point! However, it would remain tight. With the Stallions down by three and their possession… they hit a three-point jumper at the buzzer to force OT. Well, the surprises didn’t stop there. All tied up in 2OT, with a Stallions’ possession, hit another buzzer beater, but this time to win it! What a finale!

The thrill did not stop there! A great contest between the Bandits and Alacranes! Alacranes made the game easy early on with beautiful ball movement and easy buckets. Bandits had no answers offensively nor defensively. And the Alacranes also control the boards. Bandits’ defense improved late in the first half…continuing into the second half. Bandits kicked off the second half with four straight three-pointers. However, the Alacranes had to cool off that run and remained in the lead for rest of the game…closing the door on a Bandits’ comeback with a clutch three.

And then another highly anticipated matchup, Papasquiaro versus Bad Boyz! Things didn’t start the way we thought it would! Bad Boyz got off to a slow start while Papasquiaro were clicking on all cylinders! Parasquiaro use their size to their advantage to power their way over the miniature Bad Boyz! They were explosive offensively…piling up points in a hurry! And to add a cherry on top, they put defensive shackles on the Bad Boyz. In the twilight of the game, the Bad Boyz made a barrage of threes, but the game was already out of sight…came up short.

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