Liga Azteca Rules

Game Rules

  1. IHSA basketball rules apply.

  2. No jewelry is allowed during play.    

  3. Teams must be ready 10 to 15 minutes before tip-off. The clock will start running at the end of the allotted time. The team present will be awarded 1 point for each minute lapsed. After 10 minutes, if your team is not present, the game will be a forfeited.

  4. Teams fielding less than four (4) players will receive a forfeit.

  5. There will be a running clock except for the final two (2) minutes of play. The clock will stop on all whistles and timeouts during the final two (2) minutes of the game. If your team is losing by 15 points or more, the time will NOT stop for the last two minutes of the second half.

  6. Each team is granted two timeouts per half; unused timeouts DO NOT carry over to the second half. The clock will stop on all whistles and timeouts during the final two (2) minutes of the game. If your team is losing by 15 points or more the time will NOT stop for the last two minutes of the second half.

  7. Overtime: First O.T will be three minutes, second O.T will be two minutes and last O.T will be one minute.

  8. Technical fouls are counted as personal fouls. Any individual that assesses two technical fouls will be ejected from the game.

  9. Abuse of officials, referees, and other staff WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

  10. Basketball players that show any type of disruptive behavior will be banned from playing the following two games or, depending on the degree of the disruption, could be banned from the league.



  1. All players must be 16 years of age or older. If a player is 17 or younger, the parent’s signature is required.

  2. Team rosters will be posted on our website

  3. In order to participate, each participant must sign a team waiver before his first game.

  4. Teams must be registered in full by the third official game of the season. Teams cannot register new members after the third game of the season.

  5. Each team is required to register at least five players but is allowed to register up to 10.

  6. All players must be registered in order to play.

  7. Players must play six season games to be eligible to play in the playoffs.

  8. Division A is open to all nationalities, Division B can register three non-Latino players; Division C can register two non-Latino players. Division D, E, can register one non-Latino player. Division F, G, H, I, J only allows Latino players.

  9. A formal protest may be filed before a playoff game if an opposing player’s eligibility is in question.

  10. Players are not allowed to play in more than one Division.

  11. League Director has final discretion in all disputes and discrepancies.



  1. Teams are responsible for providing their own jerseys.

  2. All team members must have matching identical, color jerseys with numbers by the fourth game. Teams who do not will receive a technical foul for each player without a jersey.

  3. No two (2) players on the same team can have the same number.

  4. Teams will not be allowed to play in the playoffs without a rule-compliant uniform.



  1. Each team must pay the full registration fee by the third week of the season. The registration fee is non-refundable.

  2. Payment can be made online when you register your team.

  3. Teams are responsible for paying a referee fee for each game of $30.

  4. Each forfeit costs the forfeiting team a penalty fee of $60. Miss one game (loss of game) second forfeit (loss of game and staff reserves the right to remove the team from the league. Third forfeit (remove team).

  5. Teams with outstanding balances will be disqualified from the playoffs.



  1. The updated standings will be posted weekly on our website and Facebook.

  2. The standings will display each teams’ rank. Rank is based on winning percentage.



  1. Playoffs will begin immediately following the end of the regular season and will typically last between four-five (4-5) weeks.

  2. Our playoffs are double elimination.

  3. Only 8 teams from each division will make it to playoffs.

  4. After teams have been seeded according to their records, all captains will receive a phone call roughly three (3) days before the game with the time and location of their first playoff game.

  5. All players must have signed the waiver by the third week of the season in order to be eligible for playoffs.



  1. The championship game is only one game.

  2. Prize: First place team will receive a free season and individual trophies. Second place team will receive a team trophy.