Frequently Asked Questions

Before reading the FAQ, please make sure you have thoroughly read the
League Rules.

​Can I play in more than two teams in the league?
No. Players cannot play in more than one team.

How do I start a team?
Print or fill out this FORM and submit it at any of our gym locations.

How many players are allowed on each team?
​A maximum of 12 players are allowed on a team.

How long is the season?
Each season is 15 weeks long.

What's the age range for players?
Minimum age is 16. Players who are under 18 must fill out a WAIVER and have it signed by a parent before the start of the season.

​Are uniforms provided?
Each team is responsible for providing their own uniforms.


What if my team forfeits a game?

Teams who forfeit a game will be assessed a forfeit fee and will not be allowed to play their next game until the fee has been paid.  Failure to show up to two or more games during the course of the season will result in disqualification for the remainder of the season. NO REFUNDS. 


If I cancel my game will I still be assessed a forfeit fee?

Teams have 48-hours from the start of your game to notify Liga Azteca officials of cancellation. 

How do I file a formal complaint?

You must submit a formal complaint FORM and submit it to